Terms of Use

Minimum stay is 3 nights.

Standard 11 days, pay 10 days.

Prices are based on 6 people staying in 3 bedrooms.

Usage of extra room is $30,-/ €25,- Children under 4 years are free of charge. Baby beds: $20,-/ €15 per crib per stay.

Payment: Pre-payments upon booking 50% of booking sum from which the 50% of the deposit for the hotel risk management.

Completion of payment: 30 days before arrival.

Cancellation fee: Full refund for cancellations made within 48 hours of booking.

When the arrival is at least one month away: 50% refund for cancellations.

No refunds for cancellations made within 30 days of check-in.

Security deposit US750/€650 & Utilities

A security deposit will be reserved from your credit card for eventual damage at the property and/or post quota utility charge.

Villa mi Cuna is including 1 cube of water and 40 kWh electricity per day.

Post quota use of Electra at rate of U 0, 45/ € 0, 40 per kWh).

Post quota use of water at rate of U 10,-/ € 9, - per m3).

If you have any questions of suggestions please to not hesitate to contact us.